South America and Antarctica

I've quit my job, sold my apartment and most of my belongings, and bought a one-way ticket out of the country. The rough plan is to travel around South America with a detour of a few weeks to visit Antarctica. I'm not sure exactly where I'm going or for how long. All I know is that the first stop is Canada.

Art and Colours

May 17, 2019

Crossing the border from Ecuador to Colombia. In Colombia I'm visiting Medellin, Guatapé, and Bogotá, all of which have plenty of colours and street art everywhere.

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Swimming with Sharks

May 10, 2019

Spending one week on the Galapagos Islands enjoying the amazing wildlife. Diving with sharks and turtles, trying to find penguins, and looking at boobies.

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Beaches, Mountains, and the Equator

May 2, 2019

Spending some time on the beaches of Peru and Ecuador before heading up in the mountains again to ride a train across the Devil's Nose and to stand on the equator in Quito.

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Exploring Lima

April 21, 2019

Spending some time in Lima walking a lot, spending some time on the beach or by the pool, and drinking beer.

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Sun, Sand, Air, and Water

April 11, 2019

Finally getting down to lower altitudes and warmer climate. I'm visiting the desert oasis Huacachina, flying over the Nazca Lines, and watching the local wildlife (including penguins) in Paracas.

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Hiking to a World Wonder

April 4, 2019

Hiking the Salkantay Trek to one of the new seven world wonders, Machu Picchu! But first a trip around the old Inka ruins of Sacred Valley.

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A Lot of up and down

March 23, 2019

A week with La Paz as a base with excursions to the Bolivian Amazon and the Death Road, and wrapping up Bolivia with a few days on Isla del Sol.

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Caves and Dinosaurs

March 13, 2019

Seeing dinosaur footprints and hiking to waterfalls in Sucre, followed by a visit to Torotoro National Park for more dinosaur footprints, more hiking to waterfalls, and as added extras, a beautiful canyon and some amazing caves to explore.

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Salt and Silver

March 6, 2019

I'm entering Bolivia on a 3-day tour to the Uyuni Salt Flat and visit an old but still active silver mine in Potosí.

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Crazy Landscapes

February 26, 2019

Checking out some colourful rocks in northern Argentina followed by everything from geysers to moon landscapes in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile.

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