Splurging myself at Vic Falls

August 14, 2016

Almost two weeks around Victoria Falls with Andreas, checking out the falls from both the Zambia side and the Zimbabwe side and going on a safari in Botswana. This is the last part of the trip so time to spend the last bit of the budget. We're doing pretty much all the tourist things they have except for a helicopter ride.

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Lions, Giraffes, and Jesus

July 1, 2016

Driving through Angola towards the Namibian border with a stop in Lubango to see their Hollywood sign and Jesus statue. In Namibia we spend a few days on a Safari in Etosha National Park

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A Baboon in the Truck

April 3, 2016

We're driving through Ghana, north to south. On the way we stop for a safari in Mole National Park where we get to see plenty of elephants, and where a baboon makes its way into our truck.

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